I’m Jamie Grey. Thanks for checking out my music. It’s in truth a small taste of what I do and what I have coming! Ive learned a lot about myself in the last year in particular and it’s massively reflected in the new music I’ve written.
For the first time in my life I’m in a place where everything feels super clear and songs are just feeling easy right now. I really can’t wait to share it all.
I’m just getting started… Stay tuned

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In Jamie’s Own Words…

This one was different to most of the songs I’ve done. Like Arms Around You I had the chorus first but with this song it was in a completely different style. I wrote the chorus for this one with my producer and co writer Anders long before it was ever this song and it was more in a pop punk place. We always write different types of ideas to pitch for others artists and when we wrote this chorus it felt like it was a Machine Gun Kelly type pitch or something.

It wasn’t until 5-6 months later I randomly started singing it in a session with Anders and another writer Xander Shilov and we remembered how much we loved it! For some reason at that moment we decided to try something which we didn’t think to do at the time of originally writing it which was to try and make it work for me as apposed to different artist. Anders started playing a more ballad piano riff and I started singing the melody and it just felt golden in that place!I remember jumping around the room even though we had no verses or pre chorus to the song!

After that we tried a few verse idea’s but everything felt like it fell short from the chorus so I took it home with me and started working on it. I sat at the piano late one night in my room and started trying melodically and lyrically where I wanted to take the song based on the chorus we already had. After about half an hour or so I really started to draw on personal experiences and putting myself in the song. That was when the song started to really speak to me. It was when I did that, that the verses and pre came! After several attempts at trying things that didn’t feel right this just felt perfect like it married with the chorus!

All in all a 6 month process for this one but it felt like it was meant to be that way! I’m super excited for people to hear this one, I’m proud of it!