I’m Jamie Grey. Thanks for checking out my music. It’s in truth a small taste of what I do and what I have coming! Ive learned a lot about myself in the last year in particular and it’s massively reflected in the new music I’ve written.
For the first time in my life I’m in a place where everything feels super clear and songs are just feeling easy right now. I really can’t wait to share it all.
I’m just getting started… Stay tuned

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‘What Matters Most’

In Jamie’s Own Words…

“Ahh my first release back in 2018. I’ve come such a long way and developed a lot since this recording but I’m learning to look back and appreciate where I was at that time. This song just came to me really easily. I wrote it in like half an hour. I could feel I was changing and starting to look at life different. I really missed the people that mean the most to me back home and started seeing the time we have in life as precious.”