I’m Jamie Grey. Thanks for checking out my music. It’s in truth a small taste of what I do and what I have coming! Ive learned a lot about myself in the last year in particular and it’s massively reflected in the new music I’ve written.
For the first time in my life I’m in a place where everything feels super clear and songs are just feeling easy right now. I really can’t wait to share it all.
I’m just getting started… Stay tuned

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In Jamie’s Own Words…

“With these two projects, I’d had songs that I loved sitting on a hard drive for so long, I still do infact! 

I’d also had a few industry people tell me that they weren’t songs that necessarily should be singles and that kinda stuck with me and if I’m honest  bugged me a bit. 

That was why I came up with the idea to call the two projects ‘Songs they told me weren’t singles and why also I left them in demo form. I didn’t add anything to them that I didn’t do on the day I wrote them. 

It was kinda my way of seeing what people thought of some acoustic demo’s and it turned out they did really well. ‘Shouldn’t think about you’ has been one of my biggest streamers to date so who knows maybe I was right haha!

On part 1 there was ‘Shouldn’t think about you’ and ‘Head Above the Water’

On part 2 there was ‘All my friends’ and First Train Out’ “